Wooden Decks vs. Stone Patios

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Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your front yard can be easily accomplished through the addition of an exterior feature that welcomes visitors into the main home. Fixtures such as decks or stone patios represent an effective way of enhancing a home’s curb appeal and enhancing its resale value.

Deciding between these fixtures will depend on your particular needs.

Wooden Decks

Hiring Deck Builders is a great way to enhance the square footage of your home, as traditional porches are attached to the house. This automatically enhances the potential resale value should you ever want to enlist in the market. They also serve as a great exterior hosting space, as it’s positioned above the ground – ensuring they’re unaffected by wet and soggy ground.

These extensions also represent the best value for money material-wise, with alternatives such as pressure-treated lumber representing an affordable option that can last for up to 20 years with the proper maintenance.

Stone Patios

Stone patios are a great option when looking to avoid the complications of permits and regulation codes. Depending on your approach, the entire installation process could take as short as a day. Opting for 24X24 stone tiles and outdoor furnishing is one of the more popular options available with this feature.

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