When do you need a Permit for Your Home Remodel?

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Remodeling your home can bring with it multiple benefits when addressed appropriately. One of the primary aspects not many people tend to consider when undertaking this endeavor is the potential permits required. 

Failure to land a permit for your Newton MA Home Remodeling project can lead to demolition notices and hefty fines. Some of the situations where you’ll require a permit for your activities include: 

Major Constructions 

Any major construction including the alteration or movement of load-bearing walls, the expansion of rooms, and changing the roofline will need a permit. In most cases, any construction activity that will change the initial layout of the space involved will likely require a building permit to conduct. 

Major Plumbing 

Issues dealing with major plumbing essentials will also require a permit in most regions. If you’re conducting an overhaul of your bathroom, you’ll likely need a permit if you plan on altering major sections of the piping. This can be to accomplish objectives such as installing a new sink or moving the bathtub to a new area. 

Building Fences 

Fences over six feet in height immediately trigger the need for a permit. Masonry (stone) fences of any height will also usually require a permit. If you’re looking for reliable remodeling solutions for your home, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor

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