When do You Need a Bathroom Remodel?  

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Bathroom renovations are not always a luxury and sometimes represent a necessity for functionality’s sake. It’s also a great way to raise the potential resale value of a house in cases where the property involved is primarily a commercial asset. Some primary signs that your bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel include: 

Visible Damage 

A sure sign that you need to think about remodeling your bathroom is visible signs of damage. If your tiles are cracked, paint is peeling, and multiple fixtures are chipped or broken, you should consider hiring a contractor. Letting your bathroom fall apart can lead to severe water and structural damage.  

Outdated Layouts 

Some houses are impressively old and have been around for decades. If you reside in a somewhat old house, the current bathroom layout might not meet 21st century needs. Contacting an established Newton MA bathroom remodeling contractor can help you address issues such as spacing, storage, and appliance upgrades. 

Living Necessities 

If you’re about to invite a new person to share your home, you’ll need to redesign areas such as the bathroom to make it easier for two people to share the space. This doesn’t always consist of expansion activities and can involve including additional fixtures. If you’re looking for a reliable remodeling expert, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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