What to Expect From a Bathroom Remodel 

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If you’ve never undertaken a bathroom remodel before, you might not be sure about what to expect. The best way to go about this venture is to hire a professional to handle the work on your behalf. Some of the primary elements involved with a majority of bathroom renovation projects include: 

Initial Preparations 

There are several ways to prepare for your bathroom remodel. You’ll need to remove any items and portable appliances from the room, confirm lead times and allocate adequate working space for additional cuts and trims. It’s essential to allocate an area outside of the house to prevent the accumulation of debris. 


Once the contractor arrives, the first step will be the removal of any fixtures and settings to be replaced. This might include pulling up established fixtures such as the tub and toilet. In smaller cases, it will likely deal with tiles and other settings. Debris will be transported outside to offer the contractor a fresh template to work with. 

Final Walkthrough and Setting Time 

Once the remodel is complete, the contractor will walk you through the results for a final inspection. In cases where tiling or painting is involved, you may be advised to wait a few hours or days before use. If you’re looking for a reliable bathroom contractor, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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