What to Consider with Bathroom Vanities 

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Bathroom vanities are a great way to improve storage space and enhance the overall aesthetics of this space. These fixtures come in multiple designs and sizes, and choosing a suitable option for your particular needs requires you to consider several elements. If you’re working on a bathroom remodel and are considering adding or improving a vanity section, some of the things you should keep in mind include: 


The material used to make your vanity set will play a significant role in its potential longevity. It’s essential to ensure that the alternative you choose is suitable for humid conditions and can suffer through heated environments. An established Newton MA bathroom remodeling contractor can guide you through the best options available. 


Placement can have a large impact on the overall layout of the room. It’s important not to position your vanities near the shower or tub to avoid them suffering through constant splashback. Placing the set too close to the bathroom entrance can disrupt the traffic flow of the room. 


The size and shape of a vanity set will determine how easily it integrates with available space. You can be tempted to go overboard with alternatives that offer great storage space and accessories, but this can also waste space. If you’re seeking the best bathroom remodeling services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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