What to Consider with a Bathroom Remodel

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The bathroom is arguably one of the most essential areas of a residence and is a popular place to start when considering a home improvement venture. There are numerous issues to consider when working in this section, with one of the major decisions being whether to handle activities as a DIY or hire a professional. Considering the complex operations involved with the plumbing network and the sensitivity of electric connections in wet areas, attaining the services of a professional is highly recommended when looking to ensure quality results. 

Some other key elements you should consider with a Framingham MA Bathroom Remodel include: 

Consider Logistics 

Carefully planning the little details is not something many homeowners consider but can play a vital role in the overall project. Dealing with aspects such as creating a clear workspace, finding an alternative bathroom, and planning for the removal of debris are all important to the results of the project. Scheduling an appropriate time is also an essential part of logistics, especially when based in a community with neighbors close by. Planning for the more hectic activities to take place between mid-morning and early evening is recommended as it will ensure individuals don’t suffer a rude awakening as a result of sudden banging and clashing. You will also need to apply for several permits before you can commence the venture. The kind of permits required will depend on the particular activities involved with the project. The major categories include plumbing, electrical and structural permits. 

Developing a Budget 

Another crucial element to consider is the potential budget involved with the project. According to Forbes, the average cost of a bathroom renovation in the US stands at $10,000. Minimal upgrades can range from $2,500 while more extensive transformations can cost as much as $30,000. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests that a bathroom remodel should be valued between 5% and 10% of a residence’s evaluation. The shower and the toilet represent two of the more expensive projects with a bathroom remodel. Forbes notes that a shower can cost between $500 and $5,000, while a toilet upgrade can cost between $80 and $5,000. Paint jobs represent one of the more affordable projects with an average cost between $30 and $60. Remodeling during late fall and early winter can be an effective way of mitigating overall expenses as these periods are viewed as the off-peak seasons in the remodeling industry, which can encourage contractors to lower their prices. 

Focus on Functionality 

It’s important to target functional upgrades when developing a Framingham MA Bathroom Remodel, with aesthetic transformations having minimal effects when underlying problems aren’t addressed. Anything dealing with plumbing should be a priority as it represents a major network in this particular environment. Leaky pipes, for example, will not only negatively affect your water pressure but can lead to structural and health hazards such as rot and molding. The longer such matters are left to fester, the more expensive it will be to address. Aspects such as lighting and ventilation should also be a priority before moving to aesthetics. 

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