What to Consider with a Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to enhance the return on investment with your home remodeling project. Numerous studies have reported that this section of the house is one of the most popular options for individuals seeking to enhance the functionality of their house, with millions of homeowners undertaking this venture every year. It’s safe to say that the essential role that a bathroom plays in a residence means that any remodeling project must be handled with care. How an individual approaches this venture will play a significant role in the potential success enjoyed by the project. 

Some of the key issues to keep in mind when working on a Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Permit Applications 

A majority of intensive home remodeling projects will require several permits to be conducted legally, which is an essential aspect of enhancing the potential return on investment enjoyed with the venture. The particular licenses required will depend on the particular activities involved with the renovation. Generally speaking, any changes related to the plumbing network, electrical setting, and structural components will need a permit before they can commence. Superficial enhancements such as paint jobs, replastering walls, and changing fixtures such as faucets are arguably the only time when one will not need a permit to get the work done. Some minor plumbing changes might also be done without a permit, but it depends on the particular guidelines of the municipality where the remodel is taking place. As such, taking the time to brush up on the particular codes and regulations of your region is crucial to ensure everything is up to standard. 

Focusing on Safety Levels 

Many individuals don’t consider the issue of safety levels when it comes to bathroom remodels. This can be a significant mistake, especially when because the nature of this room means that individuals are more prone to accidents when they’re in this section. According to a report published by the CDC, approximately 235, 000 individuals over the age of 15 are taken to emergency rooms as a result of injuries that have been suffered in the bathroom. According to the report, a majority of these injuries happen when individuals are bathing/showering or getting into and exiting the tub/shower – generally as a result of slips and falls. Some effective ways that Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling contractors can enhance the safety of this section include placing anti-slip mats in the tub/shower, integrating textiles with traction such as glazed tiles, and cushioning sharp edges with adhesive guards. 

Maximizing Available Space 

Another crucial element to consider with a bathroom remodel is maximizing available space. The bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in a house and as such making the most of what’s available is crucial to the potential success of the renovation. Granted there’s always the option of expanding the area, but this alternative represents a significantly expensive approach and can be quite complicated when all factors are considered. Some effective strategies you can implement when looking to accomplish this objective include installing wall-mounted fixtures such as shelving and hanging toilets and sinks, integrating recessed niches as storage solutions, and introducing sliding doors for shower cubicles. 

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