What to Consider When Building a Deck 

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There are multiple reasons why adding a deck to your home is a good idea. If you’ve never undertaken such a project before, knowing where to begin might be a little confusing. There are several issues you need to consider when looking to add this extension to your home. 

Some of the primary elements you should keep in mind when hiring Newton MA Deck Builders include: 

DIY vs. Professional Help 

The first aspect to consider is whether to hire a professional. If you’re looking for absolute quality or are dealing with tricky materials such as steel or natural stone, hiring an established firm is your best shot at success. If you’re dealing with a simple construction like a floating deck, a DIY might be considered. 

Building Codes and Permits 

Unless you’re working on a floating deck, you’ll likely need to meet several building codes as well as apply for a permit. Most regions, for example, require individuals to integrate a railing with their design for any deck that’s 30 inches or more above the ground. A registered professional should be aware of all the codes in your region. 

HOA Regulations 

Some neighborhoods have strict HOA regulations controlling any major changes that can be made to a home. If you live in a neighborhood with a housing association, you’ll need to brush up on any rules regarding exterior additions. If you’re looking for quality deck-building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor. 

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