What to Consider When Building a Deck

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Decks are arguably one of the more popular outdoor features integrated into exterior home remodeling projects. The housing booms experienced in the past two to three decades have led to many homeowners and real estate investors considering deck-building projects as an effective means of enhancing their property’s value. Adding this extension to your house can have multiple benefits and offers a significant return on investment. 

If you’re looking to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from hiring Framingham MA Deck Builders, executing a comprehensive plan is essential. Some of the primary elements to consider when adding a deck to your home include: 

Purpose and Functionality 

One of the first things you should consider when designing your deck is its primary purpose. How you plan to use this area should play a leading role in determining its construction. This aspect can influence elements such as the size, shape, and positioning of the extension. If you would like to use this fixture as an additional hosting space, for instance, building your deck in your backyard rather than the front is an advisable strategy to implement. If you would like to integrate a seating area to complement its hosting functionality then the dimensions should incorporate enough width for the placement of outdoor furniture. 

Budgetary Limitations 

Building a deck can involve a significant investment and the amount of funds available will determine the kind of extension you can build. Aspects that will affect the budget involved with your construction can include the size of your deck, materials involved, and potential innovations integrated into the design. If you’re working with a limited budget, focusing on a simple design is advisable. Traditional square and rectangular shapes, for instance, are easier to build – lowering elements such as labor costs. Opting for materials such as pressure-treated lumber over alternatives such as aluminum and exotic stone is another effective means of lowering expenses. 

Building Codes 

Another essential aspect to consider is the building codes and regulations that govern the construction of a deck. Many regions feature building regulations that offer guidelines on the construction of this extension as a means of ensuring a safe structure. A failure to adhere to these codes will mean your deck won’t be considered a legal structure. An illegal deck automatically lowers the potential return on investment enjoyed with your venture, as its status can risk significant fines. If your deck hasn’t followed any of the rules related to its construction, you’ll also be forced to tear down the whole structure and start again if you can’t simply integrate the needed changes to the existing structure. It should also be noted that these building codes can vary from region to region so it’s essential to ensure that you’re working with the regulations related to your region. 

Hiring a professional contractor is a great way to ensure a successful project as they have the necessary know-how, expertise, and experience to guarantee a functional structure. We offer high-quality deck-building packages at affordable rates, so call us today! Exponential construction, your preferred contractor!

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