What to Consider When Building a Deck

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Building a deck has multiple long-term advantages after construction, but these benefits can only be enjoyed with quality work. Hiring a professional contractor is advisable when looking to meet specific standards. 

Some elements you should consider before hiring Newton MA Deck Builders include: 


The cost of building a deck has a wide range as there are multiple factors to consider. Generally speaking, you can accomplish this project with a budget between $4000 and $10,000. Your particular budget will play a role in determining the kind of porch you can build. Some established contractors offer several payment options for clients who would like to make a significant investment in this venture. 

Warranties and Insurance 

Your contractor should offer a variety of warranties and insurance coverage with their services. Such contractual agreements protect you from having to go out of pocket to address shoddy work, replace recent damage or pay for potential injuries or accidents that might happen on the site. Most established firms will feature multiple offers in this sector. 


Most deck-building projects will require a permit to be conducted legally. Applying for permission is a straightforward process and involves the submission of a scaled drawing of your plans for approval. If you need help building your deck and applying for the necessary permits, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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