What to Ask Your Decking Contractor

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Hiring a professional deck-building contractor is a great way of enhancing the potential quality involved with the project. Asking the right questions is crucial in identifying the right candidate for your needs. Some of the queries you should include when interviewing Deck Builders include:

Are you licensed?

Having a licensed contractor guarantees that they can be trusted to complete the job. You should never opt for any contractor without a license.

Who will handle the permits?

Most contractors handle this requirement, but it’s best to ask for clarification to ensure that you don’t have your signals crossed. If your contractor will take care of it, requesting a copy for yourself is recommendable.

What materials do you work with?

Ensure that you understand what materials will be used in the project. You should also make a point of highlighting any personal preferences you might have. The materials involved will impact the overall cost involved.

What are your references?

A contractor who has been in business for some time should have references that you can follow up on to learn more about the quality available with their services.

Do you offer warranties?

Warranties are a great way to protect yourself from any potential costs that may arise from improper construction or low-quality materials.

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