What Permits do you Need for a Kitchen Remodel?

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One of the major aspects many homeowners don’t consider when planning a kitchen remodel is the need for permits. Unless you’re only working on superficial cosmetic changes, you’ll likely need one or more licenses to conduct your venture legally. Applying for the permit as early as possible is advisable when working with a restricted timeline.

Determining What you Need

Three general categories will require you to apply for a permit before commencing work. They include:

Electrical Permits – Any changes involving wiring work like adding new sockets, light fixtures, or other rewiring work will need an electrical permit.

Plumbing Permits – Likewise, any plumbing work will generally require a permit – especially when dealing with major work such as switching out the pipes or installing an additional sink.

Building Permits – Any major construction work dealing with load-bearing walls will require a permit. Other circumstances include the expansion of rooms, installation of extra doors or windows, or changing such openings for new designs.

As a general rule of thumb, once your permit has been approved your work should commence at least six months after approval, or be completed at least one year after it’s issued. Established contractors will handle any permit needs on your behalf, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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