Utilizing your Bathroom Space Effectively

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A remodeling project can have varying objectives depending on aspects such as the rooms involved and the particular targets a homeowner has in mind. Multiple reports state that the bathroom is one of the more popular areas of a house when it comes to renovation ventures. This section represents one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) and is highly essential to the overall valuation of one’s home. 

The bathroom also represents one of the smallest areas of a house and as such the utilization of space is crucial to the functionality of this area. Some effective means of accomplishing this objective include: 

Incorporating a Shower Over a Bathtub 

If you’re working with limited space, having your Wellesley MA Bathroom Remodel contractor focus on a shower space and negate the integration of a bathtub can save a lot of space. A shower cubicle can easily take up minimal space compared to tub alternatives because of the simple fact that it deals with individuals in an upright/standing position, whereas a bathtub requires significant length to accommodate its seated users. If your bathroom feels a little cramped, you can remove your tub and have it replaced with a shower area to increase the amount of space available in this area. According to an article published in Forbes magazine, converting your tub into a shower can cost between $1,200 and $8,000 on average depending on aspects such as the size of the shower, style and design, and fixtures. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to apply for a permit before you can commence such a project as the plumbing lines will be affected. 

Streamlining the Fixtures 

Streamlining the fixtures in this area is another effective means of utilizing available space. This approach can be simply defined as the process of integrating fixtures that take up minimal floor space. This means avoiding any furniture or fittings that jut out from their position, leading to the need for individuals to skirt around the objects. As such, bulky projects should be avoided when considering this approach. A few effective ways of streamlining the fixtures in your bathroom include the integration of shelving and racks along the walls for the placement of towels and other bathroom commodities, recessed niches within the wall that can act as small storage areas, and in-built cabinets and hooks. You can also have your Wellesley MA Bathroom Remodel contractor install pedestal sinks and wall-mounted toilets that don’t affect a significant area of the floor space. 

Bathroom Combination Appliances 

Implementing combination bathroom appliances allows individuals to essentially kill two birds with one stone, reducing the number of items required in this space. One of the most common solutions in this category includes vanity sets that combine storage cabinets, a toilet, and a sink into one compartment. This greatly saves on space compared to having all three fixtures as free-standing independent elements. Tub-shower alcoves are another popular combination solution for individuals who would like the best of both worlds when it comes to bathroom options. 

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