Utilizing the Space in your Bathroom

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One of the primary issues to consider when initiating a bathroom remodeling project is space. Spatial awareness can have a significant impact on the practicality of your design when working on a venture that will offer functional solutions as well as aesthetic appeal.

Some useful tips you can implement when working with restricted spaces in a Bathroom Remodeling project include:

Working From Out Going In

Placing showers and vanity sets on extreme ends of the room gets the most out of the space available. This approach maximizes spatial utilization by limiting the dead space in the room. Placing a large bathtub in the middle of the room, for example, can limit the placement of other fixtures due to limited space.

Duo-Functional Storage Solutions

Integrating fixtures with dual functions is another effective means of saving space. A streamlined medicine cabinet with mirror doors can kill two birds with one stone. Vanity sets with drawers or mounted shelving above the sinks are other useful ways of enhancing storage solutions without having to waste too much space.

Choose a Premier Washing Feature

Shower/bathtub combinations don’t work with limited space. Focusing on either a shower or tub allows you to enhance the potential space instead of trying to fit round pegs into square holes. For affordable, high-quality bathroom remodeling solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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