Using Natural Light to Enhance your Bathroom’s Aesthetics

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Remodeling your bathroom features numerous options in terms of strategies and design. An effective way of enhancing the spatial aspect of this area and encouraging a homely ambiance is by promoting natural light.

Some ways you can enhance aesthetics using natural light during a Bathroom Remodel include:

Enlarging the Windows

Enlarging existing windows enhances the amount of natural light that accesses your bathroom. This is a particularly effective strategy when working on a bathroom on the second floor, as one doesn’t have to worry about privacy invasions when working on your window. However, you will likely need a permit to install larger fixtures.

Adding Mirrored Surfaces

If your bathroom already boasts two or more windows, an affordable means of enhancing natural light is the addition of mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Mirrors reflect light from their surfaces which increases the overall brightness of the bathroom. Stainless steel appliances and accentuations can also be used to accomplish this objective.

Installing Glass Shower Panels

Opaque surfaces tend to absorb light. Replacing your cubicle or shower curtain with glass panels/doors is a great way to minimize the number of surfaces that absorb the light coming in. If you’re looking for high-quality bathroom upgrades at affordable prices, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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