Upgrading your Kitchen’s Efficiency 

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Your kitchen can be viewed as the workstation of your home and is the primary communal space shared by a family. Upgrading its efficiency is a good way to avoid any chaos and confusion when two or more people are operating in this area. 

Some effective upgrades you can include with your Kitchen Remodel include: 

Increasing the Number of Outlets 

If you live in an old house, the outlet provisions might not be up to par with modern standards. Building codes require outlets to be a maximum of 48 inches apart. This ensures that any point on a countertop has easy access to an outlet. Some regions also require residences to install a dedicated appliance circuit in the kitchen

Vertical Shelving 

If you don’t have the space required for shelves, you can consider changing the dimensions of this fixture. Vertical shelves focus on height rather than width, allowing them to comfortably fit between cramped spaces. These fixtures can be used to store spices and cutlery and enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. 

Glass Front Cabinets 

Replacing your cabinet doors with glass alternatives is a great way to track items you’re seeking without having to open and shut various cupboards and rifling through them. Neatly arranging items will allow you to simply look through the glass to see if what you need is there. For more kitchen upgrade solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor. 

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