Unique Features to Enhance Your Deck Design

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A great way to ensure that your deck potentially raises the property value of your residence is by implementing a variety of unique features that complement its design. There are several options available with this approach. Some excellent features you can add on to enhance your deck’s design include: 

Installing Privacy Screens 

Privacy screens can come in several formats including wooden slats, outdoor curtains, and traditional horizontal fencing. The kind of screen you have your porch builder install will depend on aspects such as the space you would like covered and personal preferences. The material you choose for this endeavor will influence the kind of longevity you can enjoy from your privacy setting. 

Installing Sunken Fire Pits            

Sunken fire pits are not only a great way to stay warm during cooler nights, but can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your overall design. Its lowered positioning serves as a safety precaution as well as a stylistic endeavor. Such a design prevents the development and spread of any excitable flames that could potentially start a fire. 

Floor Coverings 

Exterior carpeting is an excellent means of catching the eye via aesthetics. Artificial grass carpeting, for instance, is an excellent addition to plant-based designs and gives the feeling of being surrounded by nature. If you’re seeking expert advice on potential deck upgrades, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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