Turning your Spare Bedroom into a Walk-in Closet

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If you want to do something with the spare bedroom you never use, turning it into a walk-in closet is an excellent way to add some elegance and serenity to your home. Walk-in closets are more than just oversized wardrobes when designed appropriately. It can represent your fortress of solitude, a quiet place to reflect in the morning as you prepare for the day. 

The best option available when looking to transform a bedroom into a walk-in closet is contacting professional help. At Exponential Construction Corp., we know that finding an established Home remodel businesses can help you develop a customized design that’s unique to your tastes. 

Considering Spacing and Design 

Developing the space in the spare bedroom to create a comfortable ambience means you need to consider aspects such as the placement of the shelves and clothing racks. Utilizing the windows as sources of natural light, for example, can be done by placing the primary wardrobes along the blank wall spaces, and then installing low-level shelves below the windowpane’s height. 

Lining clothing racks and setting cabinets along the walls ensures the space doesn’t feel crowded and stuffy. Opting for wall-mounted shelving in place of bulkier cabinets is also a great way to ensure a less-congested atmosphere. You can consider placing an island wardrobe in the extra space in the middle, or create a cozy nook by positioning it in the furthest corner of the room. 

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