Trending Kitchen Appliances in 2022

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If your kitchen already functions at an optimum level, you can focus your attention on aesthetics. This doesn’t always have to involve a fresh coat of paint or retile project. Adding or replacing various amenities can accomplish a similar objective. 

Some trending kitchen appliances you can apply to your Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling project include: 

Vacuum Sealers 

Exposure to oxygen is the primary reason food spoils. A vacuum cleaner keeps your groceries fresh without having to cram your fridge to the limit. This machine rolls your food in plastic packaging that’s impenetrable to the external environment, making it 100% air-free. These appliances have become much more affordable in recent times. 

Drawer Fridges 

Storage solutions are always a major priority for most kitchens, especially in homes with big families. Drawer fridges are a great way to utilize maximum space when packing your food. As the name suggests the fridge contains a variety of drawers behind the primary door, with segments varying in size – allowing you to comfortably fit different items. 

In-built Countertop Fridges 

Another popular option in 2022 is in-built countertop fridges. This appliance is just what the name suggests, and can serve as an additional fridge, or a place to store your cold beverages. We offer a wide variety of modern appliance solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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