Trending Deck Innovations in 2023

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Decks are arguably one of the most popular options when it comes to exterior remodeling projects, with numerous homeowners viewing this extension as a great way to enhance curb appeal and improve resale value. Individuals have also taken to upgrading this structure from the usual traditional extension to more bespoke designs that offer a wide array of solutions with their implementation. Rather than simply offering an outdoor seating area, decks can now feature dedicated sections that greatly enhance their hosting and entertainment capacity. 

Some of the leading deck innovations that have taken over the market in recent times include: 

Outdoor Kitchens 

Outdoor kitchens have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of popularity, with numerous homeowners across the globe turning to this solution when considering potential exterior upgrades. Grand View Research has published a report highlighting an emerging inclination towards outdoor living areas as a result of growing disposable income and a shift in consumer behavior and social media trends. A 2022 survey published by Fixr Inc. found that 41% of the leading industry professionals that participated believed that outdoor kitchens will remain a firm favorite with homeowners when it comes to exterior remodeling projects. Grand View Research also reported that North America represented the largest market for outdoor kitchens, holding a 45% share of the global market share. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to this upgrade, with barbeque spaces representing one of the more affordable alternatives available in the market. Working with an established Needham MA Deck Builder is crucial when developing a suitable blueprint for your particular design. 

Going Green 

Another popular alternative with deck upgrades is the integration of landscaping solutions intended to transform the extension into a vista of attractive green scenery. The strategy adopted with this approach will depend on elements such as available space and the potential budget involved. A simple plan of action that can be implemented when working with limited funds includes installing raised garden beds and vertical planters along the edges of the deck with flowers that will add a splash of color to the space, as well as instill a variety of attractive scents that will permeate the atmosphere. You can also opt for hanging solutions with the use of threaded rods and hanging deck rail planters. Integrating climbing vines along the deck railing is another clever way of adding some green to the structure, especially when integrating a pergola into the design. 

Built-in Fire Pits 

Having a professional Needham MA Deck Builder install a fire pit with your deck’s design is a great climate control solution that can serve to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This upgrade represents one of the more cost-effective approaches that don’t necessarily require a lot of resources to undertake. Approaching this upgrade as a DIY isn’t advisable, however, as this feature can represent a serious fire hazard when it’s not done correctly – especially when dealing with wooden decks. Integrating natural gas or propane is recommended over traditional wood-burning alternatives as they produce less heat and thus represent a safer alternative. 

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