Trending Deck Features in 2023

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The deck can be a great place to start when looking to start a remodeling project. Some of the leading trends that have taken the decking market by storm in 2023 include:

Pergola Seating Areas

Pergolas have grown in popularity in the past few years as wooden alternatives offer an affordable but aesthetic solution for shading these sections. Depending on the design, this structure can be erected in a day, with a variety of prefabricated solutions available in the market. Bench seating or wicker chairs can be added to this fixture to offer a comfortable seating place for all types of weather.

Outdoor Heating

Integrating heating solutions with a fence surround has also grown in popularity over years. There are several solutions available in this category, with portable options such as chimineas, and floor and tabletop heaters representing some of the more popular alternatives. You can also hire a Porch Builder to build a permanent fireplace fixture for your deck.

Designated Areas

Designated areas are a great way to get the most out of this extension. You can accomplish this task by setting up screens that divvy up the space or simply furnishing the area to suit a particular purpose. An outdoor kitchen, for example, can be integrated via the addition of a countertop. For the best decking packages in the market, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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