Trending Bathroom Designs

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Bathroom renovation can be a somewhat daunting task when it comes to developing fresh ideas. Taking the time to look up current trends setting the pace in this sector can ensure your remodel doesn’t end up looking lackluster. Some trending bathroom designs that are making waves include: 

Even Space in the Middle 

Developing a central space that is equidistant to different sections of the room has gained popularity in spatial designs. A bathroom remodel achieves this by situating features and fixtures along the walls, and implementing a “slender” approach where the cabinets and furniture are streamlined and not too bulky. 

Oversized Tiles 

Oversized tiles in your bathroom design can greatly change the overall look of this space. 6X8” and 12X12” are the usual dimensions implemented with tiles. Homeowners are starting to deviate from these sizes and opting for shockingly large alternatives such as 24X24”. These tiles offer a stately look to the space involved. 

Freestanding Bathtubs 

Another trend that’s quickly gaining traction is freestanding bathtubs, with many opting to initiate some space around this section. This can be a great look, but you have to consider certain elements like the splashback and spillover, which can increase the surface area susceptible to slipperiness. Hiring established companies can help you identify great solutions for your bathroom, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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