Transforming your Garage into a Guest bedroom

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Turning your garage into a guest bedroom can save you the hassle of having to renovate an entire section of your house to accommodate visitors. It’s important to remember that garages have an entirely different purpose to bedrooms, and so won’t be designed to accommodate comfortable living. 

Some of the major issues you will need to consider when converting your garage into living space include: 


Garages are not usually protected from harsh temperatures. This issue can be solved by adding some insulation in between the studs of the walls. Form boards are a recommendable insulation material, as you can easily upholster them for a stylish finish. Foam boards can also be placed across the garage door to provide additional insulation. 


Running heating and air ducts is another excellent way to develop your garage into a habitable space. This issue, however, involves a lot of technical work that is best handled by professionals. Leading Newton MA Home Remodeling companies can ensure you don’t break any regulations, such as installing return ducts. 

Entrances and Exits 

If the main garage door is the only access to the outside, you might need to consider additional points of egress. These are emergency exits that ensure individuals can escape in case of dangers such as fire. You can make a smaller access door that opens separately from the main structure to accomplish this, or install a side door that’s accessible from another direction. 

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