Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2023

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The kitchen is one of the most popular sections of a house when it comes to remodeling projects. This area represents one of the most essential rooms in a residence and it’s vital to ensure that it remains in good working condition to ensure acceptable living standards. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to this venture. How you approach this endeavor will depend on your particular needs and available budget. 

Some Wellesley MA Kitchen Remodel projects that have been trending in recent years include: 

Kitchen Islands 

Kitchen islands have come to the forefront in recent years after taking a back seat when compared to other remodeling solutions. Its return to the limelight can arguably be a result of increased options in terms of design that allow this fixture to be integrated into limited spaces. This means that even small kitchens can integrate an island into their layout without cramping available space. When it comes to positioning, contractors recommend having at least 42 inches on all sides to encourage freedom of movement. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to materials, with wood and granite representing two of the more popular options in the market. Composite lumber also serves as a great alternative for individuals working on a budget. 

Concealed Storage 

Concealed storage has also become a popular Wellesley MA Kitchen Remodel solution and has been integrated into thousands of households around the country. As the name suggests, concealed storage refers to solutions that are hidden in plain sight. This approach is generally adopted with the installation of cabinets and drawers and generally consists of doors that feature a seamless fit when closed. This makes sure that overall kitchen decor has an uninterrupted and harmonious flow. 

Breakfast Stations 

A breakfast station refers to a combination appliance that generally consists of a toaster, coffee maker, egg cooker, and griddle. Numerous professionals have highlighted breakfast as the most important meal of the day and such a setup makes it easier to get everything going in the morning. It has particularly become popular with bachelor lifestyles where individuals don’t have the time to move around the kitchen preparing their morning meals. It also saves time and space as a result of grouping all appliances. It comes in multiple designs allowing individuals to choose a collection of appliances that best suits their needs. You can opt for a station with a waffle maker instead of a griddle, for example, if you prefer baked food to fried alternatives. 

Sustainable Setups 

Integrating an eco-friendly approach with your kitchen’s design has also come to the forefront in recent years. More and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of a sustainable kitchen and reducing their overall carbon footprint in the environment. This approach features multiple benefits including lowering overall utility bills, enhancing durability, and reducing waste. Acquiring appliances with the Energy Star seal is an effective way of integrating sustainable solutions into your kitchen. 

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