Top Kitchen Appliances Trending in 2022

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One of the most straightforward ways of upgrading your kitchen is through the integration of the latest technology available in the market. This approach features multiple benefits when done correctly, including improving overall efficiency and functionality, integrating an energy-saving approach, and enhancing aesthetics to name a few. 

Some of the top appliances you might want to include with a Kitchen Remodel includes:

Fridge Enhancements 

The significance of fridges has led to the development of several advanced options for homeowners looking to upgrade this area. Several brands, for instance, allow individuals to control the temperature in varying sections of the fridge, meaning you can convert the entire fridge into a freezer when needed. 

Steam Ovens 

As the name suggests, steam ovens use steam as the primary method of cooking food. These up-and-coming ovens offer numerous benefits including enhancing the texture of the food, maintaining the nutrients within a meal, and speeding up the cooking time by up to 20%. 

Bluetooth Synchronization 

Bluetooth synchronization is a feature that is fast becoming part of different kitchen appliances. The ability to control different devices without having to be physically present. The synchronization feature can be used with any smart device. We offer a wide range of modern appliance solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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