Top 4 Ways To Make Your Deck Stand Out From Others

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Traditional decks all look the same. They use the same materials and designs. However, many exciting add-ons can take your deck design up a notch.

If you want your deck to stand out, continue reading towards our top ideas list and enhance your outdoor experience.

  1. Lighting

Adding some low-voltage lighting to your deck is not that hard. This simple addition can highlight your deck features and give your otherwise flat deck a modern feel.

  1. Custom railings posts

You can make some custom posts, even with lamps, and customize them according to your taste. Such a post will instantly make your deck stand out from the crowd.

  1. Embedded planters

Everyone uses plant pots on their decks. However, Built-in planters give your deck a very symmetrical look, allowing you to put whole flower beds in a single housing.

  1. Deck curvature

The traditional cornered deck design is very old school. New and modern houses come with curved decks. This curve can be on one corner, or even the whole front can be molded into a smooth curvature.


If you’re planning to add these unique features to your deck, call the best deck & porch builder for quality work! Exponential Construction: Your preferred contractor.

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