Top 3 Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

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If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you must wonder which type of flooring material you should use. There are a lot of different tile options for every type of person.

This article will help you make the right choice so that your bathroom can look its’s best.

  1. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most sturdy and durable tiles. They come in many different colors and textures and look good in any bathroom.

They are low-maintenance, low-cost, and due to their homogenous texture throughout, they can easily hide the chipping.

  1. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl is the most common and widely used flooring material. It is comfortable because it’s soft and durable at the same time.

It is the foremost choice of people looking for high-quality, eco-friendly tiles at much cheaper rates.

  1. Glass tiles

Glass tiles instantly give a luxurious and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. They are bound to strike the eye whether covered with a tinted, textured, or glazed glass layer.

However, these tiles need more maintenance being prone to breakage and also being slippery. But if done right, these look exquisite and unique.


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