Tiling vs. Painting your Bathroom Walls

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Remodeling a bathroom can involve multiple activities intended to enhance both the aesthetic and functional levels of the space. One of the more common areas addressed with this venture is the shower walls. This area receives so much attention because it’s more or less exposed to water and moisture daily – which can be quite damaging when this section isn’t properly maintained. 

Painting your Bathroom 

Painting the walls with a Bathroom Remodel is arguably more affordable compared to tiling. It’s a great option when looking to finish the job in a shorter period, although it should be noted that although you might be able to cruise through the application, the paint will still need time to dry. It’s also essential to ensure the paint you use is suitable for the environment – meaning it should be water and moisture resistant. 

Tiling your Bathroom 

Tiling is an excellent alternative when looking to add a sense of elegance and style to your bathroom. There are also numerous options available, but not every tile material represents a viable choice. Like paint, it’s essential to ensure the tiles you use are water and moisture resistant. The most popular options with bathroom tiles include porcelain, ceramic, and glass. 

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