The Importance of Maintaining your Subfloors

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Not many people think of the subfloors when it comes to home remodeling and repair projects. However, if you want to ensure your home is in tip-top condition, it’s crucial to examine the underbelly of the structure.

What are Subfloors?

Subfloors are the bottom-most section of the floor. It’s designed to provide a stable surface for the actual floor. Installing a suitable subfloor is crucial when looking to provide adequate strength and support. This section is an area to be considered when hiring a Remodeling Company to conduct an entire overhaul of the residence.

Why Protect the Subflooring?

As mentioned earlier, the subfloor plays a major role in the overall stability of the flooring. This section provides a level walking field for foot traffic, as well as providing an extra brace that accommodates the lateral movement of the joists. This section also offers extra support for live loads such as furniture, fixtures, and heavy appliances.

Caring for your Subfloor

Inspecting your subfloors can be conducted when working on a home remodeling project. This will generally involve stripping the overlying flooring and underlayment to get to the subflooring. Hiring an established contractor for this activity is highly recommended when looking for quality results. We offer a wide variety of contracting services, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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