The Best Wood for Building a Deck

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There are multiple options available when it comes to decking material. Lumber is arguably the most popular option available in this category, as it represents great value for money when it comes to quality and affordability.

Some of the best species a Porch Builder will recommend include:

Pressure-treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber offers the best value for money for individuals looking to initiate a decking project with a mitigated budget. This option isn’t limited to a particular species but is generally implemented with more affordable softwoods. The chemical treatment given to these woods enhances their longevity and durability without having to pay over the odds.

Hardy Softwoods

As the name suggests, softwoods are not the best option when it comes to construction material – but some options serve as the exception. Natural softwoods can represent good alternatives in regions that don’t suffer from frequent extreme weather. Good options include cedar, pine, and redwood.


Hardwoods are arguably the best timber option when looking for a natural alternative. Combined with treatment measures such as staining or sealers, these species can last for decades with minimal care and maintenance. We work with a wide variety of hardwoods with our decking projects, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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