Stages of a Kitchen Remodel

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Categorizing your kitchen remodel into stages can make the entire process easier to understand. The activities involved might seem chaotic once commenced unless you can map them to an actual strategy. In general terms, a basic kitchen remodeling process takes place in three primary stages, namely: 


This initial stage involves preparing the surface involved for the activities to come. Generally, this involves clearing the section of any movable objects to enhance maneuverability. A quick clean-up can also get rid of any loose dirt and dust but isn’t always necessary – depending on the activities ahead. 


The next stage can be referred to as the clearance stage. Any fixtures such as tiles, sinks, and faucets are demolished or disassembled at this stage. This stage can get a little messy, but can easily be accomplished if the original job was installed adequately. You can choose to handle the first two stages as a DIY if you’re trying to save some money. 


The final stage involves the installation of the new or refurbished fixtures. This can be accomplished in a few days or a matter of hours – depending on the nature of the activities involved. This stage should be handled by professionals for higher chances of success. If you’re seeking an established contracting firm, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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