Stages of a Deck-building Project

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Deck building requires a fair level of expertise if you plan on instigating a DIY project. Familiarizing yourself with the primary stages involved is essential if you don’t plan on hiring a professional Porch Builder. The key stages of building a deck include:

  1. Preparing the Site

This entails cutting the grass around the site and clearing any rocks or shrubs. Once this is done, the next step involves marking the ledger placements and footings. You can do this with the proverbial “X marks the spot” approach.

      ii.            Install the Ledger

The ledger is the board that’s anchored to the side of your house to provide structural support for the deck against the house. The ledger must be firmly fit to avoid potential future calamities.

    iii.            Install the Footings and Posts

This involves digging the holes with precise measurements and inserting the footing posts which will support the beams. You have to ensure that the posts fit perfectly when pouring the concrete, as there’s no room for error.

    iv.            Inserting the Support Beams

These beams hold the whole deck in place and represent the primary structural support of the entire structure. The number of beams will depend on the size of your deck.

      v.            Installing the Joists

The joists are laid in a parallel manner to offer the principal framework of the deck. The spacing and number of joists will depend on the size of the deck and the design involved.

    vi.            Lay the Decking

You can choose a variety of decking materials including fabricated lumber or composite alternatives. Once you lay the deck the next step at this stage involves adding railings and stairs.

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