Smart Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget

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The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) reported that the kitchen was the most popular option when it came to home improvement projects. This area features the highest functionality levels in a residence and has a significant influence on the quality of life enjoyed by a household. Implementing a kitchen remodel is also an effective means of enhancing the potential resale value of the home. According to Zillow, a minor kitchen renovation can feature a national return on investment (ROI) of 81.1%. 

The potential expenses involved with a Newton MA Kitchen Remodelling can sometimes make homeowners hesitant about commencing such a venture. It should be noted, however, that the particular approach adopted will significantly influence the potential costs involved. Forbes reported that a kitchen renovation can average between $5,000 and $60, 000. Professionals in the industry recommend that an intensive kitchen remodel should represent 10% of the house’s valuation. However, thanks to progressive advancements in the tech industry, homeowners can implement several smart solutions with their renovation that can have a significant impact on a minimal budget. 

Some of the more popular smart alternatives available in the kitchen remodeling market include: 

Versatile Lighting 

Smart lighting is arguably one of the more affordable options available with tech-based kitchen upgrades. There are several options available in the market and the installation process generally doesn’t take more than a couple of days to accomplish. LED strips have become a popular solution in this category and are a great way to integrate a contemporary feel with the overall design. Smart lighting allows individuals to change several aspects of this feature including brightness, and color. Some setups also feature designated lighting, allowing for different spaces to enjoy ambient and task lighting in the same room. Individuals looking to integrate additional features can also choose from several options including music-reactive LEDs, Bluetooth connectivity, and WiFi access. 

Smart Appliances 

Installing smart appliances is another effective way that can significantly enhance the overall functionality of this space. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to this category, and ideal solutions will largely depend on an individual’s personal preferences. Wi-Fi access, for instance, opens up numerous options for an individual when it comes to different activities. Newton MA Kitchen Remodelling contractors recommend focusing on cooking and food storage when looking to install smart appliances in the kitchen. Ovens that can be remotely tracked and accessed, for instance, can significantly lower the risk of burning a dish as a result of distraction. Refrigerators that monitor performance issues and alert the user in case of issues such as a fridge door left open can enhance the longevity of the device and lower utility bills. Some monitoring services in refrigerators also offer meal planning services that alert users when an item is about to expire or suggest recipes according to the content inventoried in its register. All in all, the addition of smart appliances can greatly enhance the efficiency of a kitchen. 

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