Signs of a Good Remodeling Job

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Remodeling your home can come with multiple benefits. However, any work must exhibit adequate levels of quality for any advantages to come into play. If you have never undertaken such a project before, you might not know how to recognize a good job. 

Some telltale signs you can look for when trying to determine a quality job include: 


An obvious sign that your remodeling company has done a good job is if everything is working as it should. Sections involved with the project should be tested to ensure they function appropriately during the inspection stage. You can test the faucets to gauge water pressure and test light fixtures to ensure they work.

Adequate Sealing 

Testing the windows and doors for potential drafts can determine how well they were installed. The floor shouldn’t bounce when you walk and should offer a sturdy unmoving surface. All trim work should feature tight seaming, and any crawl spaces shouldn’t exhibit signs of moisture. 

Quality Installation 

Cabinets should preferably be screwed to the wall instead of nailed on, and ventilation fans should hum softly and not shake and rattle. Floor joints should be tight, and the grouting should be seamless. Switches and outlets should be conveniently placed and not in odd places. If you’re looking for a reliable home remodeling contractor, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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