Shower Enhancement Ideas

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There are many ways to upgrade your shower to fit the current trends and satisfy your personal needs. The particular upgrades you integrate with a remodel will depend on aspects such as your budget, available space, and personal preferences. 

Some great ways you can enhance your shower with a Newton Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Dual shower heads

Dual shower heads offer greater flexibility in terms of reach. There are multiple designs available in this category, with a popular option being a combination of mounted and handheld nozzles. You can also easily share the shower with your partner when time is of the essence. 

Heated Towel Racks

These fixtures ensure you have a warm towel to dry yourself after a shower. They use very little energy and can enhance your bathroom experience, offering a spa-like setting regarding comfort levels. Heated racks ensure you never have to suffer the feeling of a damp towel against your skin again. 

Soaking tubs

Soaking tubs are generally freestanding tubs with greater depth to allow for total submersion. They offer a variety of advantages including muscle relaxation and pain relief, improved cardiovascular health, and can even burn a few calories. 


Rugs are an inexpensive way of adding texture and color to the bathroom. They also ensure your feet don’t feel the harsh cold tiles after a warm bath.

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