Saving Money on Kitchen Remodels

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One of the major reasons that many people are hesitant about kitchen remodels is the cost involved with such a project. Although a full overhaul will no doubt cost you thousands of dollars, how you go about it can greatly help you save a significant amount. You don’t have to opt for the cheapest material available when looking to knock off a couple bucks during a Newton MA kitchen remodeling project. Some great tips you can implement when looking to save money include:

Refurbishing Existing Areas

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to tear up everything and start afresh when conducting a remodel. A great way to save money is by simply refreshing areas like the cabinets instead of getting new ones. The cheapest way to go about this is with a fresh paint job, but you can also choose to add some new veneer, or replace particular areas such as the cabinet doors or door knobs/handles.


If part of your plans involves activities that can more or less be accomplished by an amateur with the proper guidance, then why not take the dive and handle those areas yourself? Anything involving a paint job can likely be handled by the homeowner, as well as refinishing hardwood floors, or replacing laminate flooring with a “click and lock” interlocking design. 

If you’d rather not have to bother, let your preferred contractor do it for you! Call us today!

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