Revamping your Wooden Deck

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A deck is an excellent feature in any home and can offer multiple benefits when properly maintained. Wooden decks are one of the more popular versions of these extensions. If your deck is getting on in years, instigating a restoration process is recommendable. 

Hiring professional Deck Builders can significantly raise the levels of quality enjoyed. Some great ways you can restore an old wooden deck include: 

Add a Second Set of Steps 

A second set of steps can greatly improve the traffic flow as it will no longer be directed in one direction. This can remove any cramped feel that emerges when several people are entering or exiting your home. Additional egress also frees up central areas for other purposes without constricting movement. 

General Surface Care 

Sealing and staining the deck surface every two years ensures that it remains protected from external elements such as moisture which can induce rot, molding and water damage. Regularly cleaning this area and keeping it free of debris can help prevent the invasion of external organisms. 

Upgrading your Railing 

The railing is an essential safety feature of any deck. Replacing shabby railing with new options is an excellent means of not only staying in line with building codes, but enhancing the overall appearance as well. If you’re looking for reliable deck contractors, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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