Replacing your Old Windows

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Window replacement is not something that most people consider unless the entire thing has broken down. Even then, some individuals might choose to implement the old cardboard method if the damage is in an area that’s not frequently occupied. However, replacing your windows has multiple advantages, including maintaining your home’s value, noise reduction, dust prevention and home security. 

Contacting an established Home Remodeling company in Newton MA can ensure you have a new window set up in just a couple of minutes. If you’re thinking about tackling the task as a DIY project, you can achieve your objective in a couple of steps. They include: 

Measurements – you need to ensure you have an accurate measurement of the window size you intend to replace. Don’t include the windowpane in your measurements, but rather start and stop at the jambs on extreme ends. 

Removing the window – To remove the window you need to first remove the trim and head-stop before removing the old sashes and jamb liner as a single unit. These elements are what keep your window in place. 

Replacing the window – Before installing the new window you need to place liner brackets along each jamb before attaching the jamb liners and sashes. Afterwards you’ll need to reattach the head-stops. You’ll then need to remove the casing and molding, followed by the stool, apron and insulation. You’re now ready to remove the old window and put in a new one. 

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