Remodeling your Bathroom on a Budget

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Remodeling your bathroom can have multiple benefits when approached with the right strategy. Many homeowners are hesitant about undertaking such a venture because of the potential expenses involved. Contrary to popular belief, however, taking up this project doesn’t have to be overly expensive. The expansive options available in this category mean there are several strategies you can implement when looking to work with a mitigated budget. 

Some useful tips to keep costs when working on a Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Prioritize your Objectives 

Listing the objectives you have in mind with your remodel according to their importance is a good place to start when developing budgetary allocation. This ensures that you don’t end up spending all your money before addressing crucial areas of concern. Focusing on functional elements over aesthetic aspects is recommended by established contractors, as a working bathroom is more important than a beautiful one. Starting with aspects such as plumbing, bathtub surrounds and lighting is recommended before projects involving changing the appearance of the space involved. 

Hiring an Inspector  

In some cases, you might not be aware of the crucial areas that need to be addressed with your Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project. Hiring a certified official to conduct an inspection of the area and make any relevant recommendations regarding sections that need to be addressed can give you an idea of where to start. Aspects such as rot and water damage might not be easy to recognize during their initial stages unless an expert eye is involved. In Massachusetts, home inspection services generally cost between $300 to $500 on average. 

Mix and Match your Materials 

Implementing materials with varying price ranges is another effective way of lowering overall expenses. Different grades, for example, can be used with a tiling installation project – with higher grades (3 – 4) used for bathroom surrounds and standard grades (1 – 2) used for areas further from the tub or shower. Glass tiles generally cost more than alternatives such as ceramic or porcelain, and as such can be implemented for a centerpiece project instead of covering an expansive area. This isn’t to say that you don’t deserve nice things, but moderation is key with their inclusion when working with a small budget. 

DIY Projects 

Approaching a remodeling venture as a DIY isn’t always advisable when looking to ensure quality results. However, when looking to lower costs, you can take up some of the simpler projects on your own to avoid excessive labor costs. The ventures you take up as a DIY should be simple activities that don’t require a lot of experience or expertise. Crucial sectors such as electrical and plumbing connections, for instance, should be left to professionals. Some remodeling activities you can approach as a DIY include painting the walls, changing light fixtures, and installing shelves on the walls. The projects chosen as a DIY should not feature significant repercussions in case of potential mistakes. 

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