Remodeling on a $10,000 Budget

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One of the first issues that come to mind when dealing with a home remodel is the potential budget involved. Multiple studies in this market have indicated $10,000 as the average cost of a standard remodeling project.

Some effective strategies to implement when hiring professional Remodeling Contractors on a $10,000 budget include:

Avoid Major Appliances

One of the primary aspects that tend to raise expenses is the addition of major appliances like refrigerators and entertainment systems. Any one of these items can eat up to half of your budget, causing you to scrape the bottom of the barrel when dealing with other sections. Any appliance over $1, 000 should be avoided.


Another effective way of keeping expenses down is by applying a fresh coat of paint over older fixtures. Sections such as cabinets and countertops can be sanded down and a fresh color applied to transform the aesthetics of the kitchen while painting the exterior walls can greatly enhance your curb appeal by adding a splash of color to the aesthetics.

Hire Contractors During the Off Season

Hiring a professional doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Hiring contractors during the off-season can play a large role in the potential expenses incurred. Contracting firms in the late fall or early winter will feature lower prices as demand dwindles. For affordable remodeling services in the market, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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