Preventing Water Damage in Your Bathroom

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Water damage is one of the more severe problems homeowners might come across when dealing with areas like the bathroom. Not only does this issue adversely affect the functionality and aesthetics of this space, but it’s also very detrimental to the health of those in the house. 

Some effective ways you can [prevent water damage with a Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Fixing Broken or Cracked Tiles 

The most obvious means of preventing water damage is addressing any broken, missing, or cracked tiles in the bathroom. This includes all parts of the bathroom and not just areas that frequently come in direct contact with water. Water damage can still arise in areas furthest from the shower or tub. 

Choosing Appropriate Materials 

It’s essential that you choose materials that are suitable for a bathroom. Your tiles should be highly water and moisture resistant, otherwise, it won’t matter how well you carry out an installation, the humid environment will still harm the area. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most popular options for this need. 

Carry Out Regular Inspections 

Hiring a professional to inspect your bathroom and related amenities can help you identify potential risks. It’s also a good means of catching cases of water damage early on before matters become too serious. For affordable bathroom inspection services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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