Preventing Ground-level Deck Rot

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Floating decks have grown in popularity over the years as a result of their flexibility. Since they’re not attached to the house they can be erected anywhere on the property. 

Floating decks, however, are also more susceptible to more problems because of their contact with the ground. Rot is one of the common issues faced by these decks. Some effective ways of dealing with this problem include: 

Pressure Washing 

Regularly sweeping your decks is essential in preventing the accumulation of debris that could encourage the emergence of adverse organisms. However, with ground-level decks this isn’t enough, Newton MA Deck Builders recommend pressure washing at least once a month to get the gunk out of the spaces between panels. 

Pouring Gravel Over the Base 

Another simple effective means of preventing the potential onset of rot is by pouring a mix of gravel over the base before setting your deck. You can also choose to cement the ground if you’re looking for a more level foundation. The main objective is to prevent contact with the actual ground. 

Treating the Wood 

Using treated wood ensures that the material is already resistant to issues such as rot and infestation. It’s also advisable to regularly reseal your deck (at least once a year) to maintain this attribute. For the best deck-building services in Newton, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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