Prepping for a Paint Job

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Although hiring a Remodeling Company is always advisable when dealing with an extensive paint job, undertaking the prepping stage can be an effective means of mitigating labor costs.

The primary stages involved with prepping for a paint job include:

Clearing the Room

The first stage of any paint job involves removing all portable items from the space involved including any furnishings, fixtures, and carpets. Items that may be too bulky to move should be placed at the center of the room to allow for a clear pathway for the workforce and covered with a tarp. Movable objects should be placed in an adjacent section.

Cleaning the Space

The next stage involves cleaning the area involved and removing any dust and debris. You can give the walls a light scrub using a towel and some warm water with soap. Stubborn stains can be addressed with a dab of vinegar. Cleaning encourages a smooth surface area that’s easier for the painters to work on upon arrival.

Providing a Clean Up Area

The painters will likely need a place to wash their hands and potentially rinse their tools. Offering a garden hose is the easiest solution for this particular need, but you can also collect water in a couple of old buckets placed over a tarp indoors. For the best home remodeling and paint jobs in the country, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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