Preparing for a Renovation Project

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Renovating your home is a great way to enhance the overall functionality of your residence and transform it into a unique space that reflects your personality and meets specific needs and wants. Multiple strategies can be adopted when taking on such a venture, and the particular approach integrated will depend on numerous aspects. Unless you’re dealing with a single activity such as repainting the living room, remodeling projects might not always be as straightforward as people might think. Individuals dealing with an extensive project might find the entire process a bit chaotic if they’re not sure about what to expect. 

Some of the primary stages of a residential remodeling venture include: 

Identify your Priorities 

The first step of any remodeling endeavor involves planning a suitable approach that meets your particular needs. Taking the time to examine the areas involved with the venture and highlighting the particular sections that should be addressed will ensure that one can get the most out of the project. It’s essential to consider all aspects in terms of functionality and not simply aesthetics. Anything that doesn’t work properly should be the first to be addressed, especially when dealing with essential areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Everything must be in good working condition before the attention is turned toward appearance. Apart from damaged or deteriorating sections, elements that are not up to code should also be first on the list of priorities. Cooking surfaces, for instance, should be at least 30 inches clear of any combustible material placed above them. Ducts connected to range hoods should have an outdoor termination and include a damper, while vent fans should be funneled to the outdoors. Hiring a Remodeling Company is advisable when seeking to adhere to residential codes, as they vary from region to region and thus are hard to keep track of. 

Hiring a Suitable Contractor 

Many people are tempted to approach their remodeling endeavors as a DIY, but this isn’t always advisable – especially when dealing with extensive projects. Whereas simple activities such as paint jobs and small tiling installations can be accomplished by amateurs, enterprises dealing with elements such as electricity, plumbing, and structural changes should be left to professionals. IBIS World reported that there are over 500,000 home improvement businesses as of 2023, representing a 2.6% rise from the previous year. Choosing the right Remodeling Company is crucial to one’s chances of success and isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Any candidate that’s considered should be licensed with the appropriate authorities and have a valid portfolio showcasing their skill sets. 

Permit Applications 

The final stage of a remodeling venture before one can commence the actual process involves acquiring the various permits required to conduct the activities involved. The three main licenses that will be required with most extensive projects include plumbing, electrical and structural permits. The primary purpose of these permits is to ensure that all endeavors related to a project are up to standard and meet the codes set by the local municipality. Failure to acquire these licenses can lead to heavy fines and lower the potential ROI enjoyed with the venture. 

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