Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodel can have great benefits when conducted appropriately. Adequate preparation is crucial to accomplishing your overall objectives with this endeavor.

Some of the aspects you should keep in mind when preparing for a Kitchen Remodel include:

Early Permit Application

One of the leading elements that derail remodeling projects is the need for permits. Depending on your location, acquiring a permit for your project can take between two weeks to a month. The earlier you apply for a permit the better. Most contractors recommend applying for the necessary permits at least a month before the scheduled start of the project.

Alert the Neighbors

Remodel projects can be noisy work. If you reside in a neighborhood with residences close together, notifying your neighbors early on is recommended to maintain cordial relations with those residing in the adjacent homes. Waking up one morning to the sudden sounds of banging and electrical whirring can be disconcerting when not expected.

Develop Alternative Meal Solutions

A remodel might take a few days to a few weeks to accomplish. As such, you’ll need to find an alternative solution to the provision of meals when dealing with extended periods. This can involve options such as readymade sandwiches, cup noodles, and cold salads. Established contractors will offer shorter timelines, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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