Planning for a Kitchen Remodel

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Home improvement projects have grown in popularity over the last few years with more and more homeowners choosing to upgrade their residence rather than buy a new house. One of the most popular places involved with renovations is the kitchen. Upgrading this area not only produces a high return on investment, but the right approach can also greatly enhance the functionality of the space and improve the household’s standard of living. There are multiple issues to consider when working on such a venture and taking the time to plan the process is crucial to your chances of success. 

Some of the primary aspects you need to keep in mind when planning a Wellesley MA Kitchen Remodel include: 

Work with the Given Layout 

An essential part of ensuring a successful renovation while working with a mitigated budget is integrating your plans with the existing floor plan. This is especially true when remodeling a small kitchen. One of the more common mistakes individuals make is fitting numerous elements into the kitchen, leading to a cramped space. Ignoring traffic ways is also a crucial aspect to consider, as people should be able to move around the kitchen without having to bump into one another or squeeze past objects for the sake of safety and practicality. Designers recommend implementing the work triangle approach when it comes to developing your cooking space. This involves arranging the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a triangle shape that allows for easy movement during meal preparation. Adding an island countertop can also be an effective way of improving the workspace, enhancing storage, and integrating an additional seating area. 

Permit Application 

Depending on the activities related to the project, you will need to apply for several permits to ensure everything is done by the book. The primary reason these permits are required is to ensure that the renovations meet the guidelines set by the building codes of the region involved. The application process involves the submission of all changes that will be involved with the remodel for approval by the local municipality. Anything that significantly alters the plumbing and electrical network, for instance, will require permits. Activities such as moving an existing sink or installing a new one will require a plumbing permit. Any structural changes such as building or tearing down walls will require a building permit. An established Wellesley MA Kitchen Remodel contractor can handle the permit on your behalf, ensuring the approval process goes smoothly. 

Scheduling the Remodel

Deciding on the best time to handle your kitchen renovation can affect issues such as the potential timeline involved and the required budget. Professionals recommend early fall or late summer as the ideal time to commence your renovation because of the weather. However, since kitchen remodels are in-house projects, they’re not limited to any particular season unless you’re dealing with extreme weather. Planning for the remodeling process to take place starting from midmorning is a good way to ensure that your neighbors aren’t adversely affected by all the noise that would be involved with structural upgrades. 

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