Planning an Effective Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to enhance the overall functionality of your home as well as increase its potential resale value. However, this venture is not as straightforward as some might think. There are several aspects to consider when undertaking such a project, and the strategy you implement will play a significant role in the success enjoyed with the remodel. Taking the time to plan your renovation is essential to any remodeling venture, especially when working on a crucial area such as the kitchen. 

Some elements to keep in mind when working on a Framingham MA Kitchen Remodeling project include: 

Considering your Layout 

The activities you instill into your renovation project should be aligned with your kitchen’s floor layout. A floor plan simply refers to an aerial view of a room showing the positioning of different fixtures in the area. When it comes to the kitchen, your layout will likely include the countertop, cabinets, and cooking area. Any additions installed to the kitchen should not affect the positioning of these features as this would likely hinder traffic ways, making it difficult to move around with ease. Aspects that can affect a kitchen’s original layout include larger cabinets, an island countertop, and extra appliances. A bigger fridge in your kitchen, for example, might seem like a good idea but might not be practical when working with limited space. In such cases the fridge might end up blocking pathways, forcing individuals to squeeze past some areas or requiring you to sacrifice another appliance or fixture to make the new addition fit. 

Scheduling the Remodel 

Another important aspect to consider involves the timing of your remodel. People generally undertake remodeling projects during the summer as this season features great weather and several holidays during which one can be home to supervise the project. Allowing individuals access to your house during your absence isn’t advisable as several risks can be connected to such an approach. Being around as the workers go about their business offers an extra level of security and ensures your privacy remains intact as they wouldn’t be able to wander around your home without supervision. It should be noted that since a Framingham MA Kitchen Remodeling project is an interior project, it can technically be instigated at any time of the year. Targeting the venture for early winter is a good way to find better deals in the market. 

Applying for Permits 

Most regions require homeowners to apply for several permits when working on a kitchen remodeling venture. Failure to do so can lead to heavy fines and will reduce the potential ROI you can enjoy with the project. These permits must be acquired before any work can begin, so part of your scheduling should involve integrating the waiting time for approval before you can start. Depending on your region and the accuracy of your submission, most permits can take between a week to a month to be delivered. The kind of permits required will depend on the type of work involved with your remodeling. Some of the primary licenses that might be required include plumbing and electrical permits.

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