Planning a Deck Rebuilding Project

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If your deck has had little to no care in the past 2 or 3 years, planning a rebuild might be necessary to bring back its former glory.

Some issues that you and your Newton MA Deck Builders should consider when planning a rebuild include:

Sectional Renovations vs Complete Overhauls

Areas such as the guard railing, sections of the decking floor, joists, and footers are the likeliest places to meet with problems. If the issue is not widespread and has been cordoned to a particular side, you can choose to simply replace the affected area while leaving the rest of the deck intact.

DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

A DIY could be a good way to go when dealing with small areas. If you’re dealing with major issues such as a range of broken floorboards, a deteriorating railing system, or weakening footers, hiring a professional is crucial to properly address the matter. Hiring a contractor also ensures that any changes you make meet the regional building codes.

Acquiring a Permit

You’ll require a building permit before you can commence your project. This will involve submitting a scaled drawing of your plans to the local building authority for approval. If you would rather have your contractor handle all the licensing and paperwork, however, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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