Modernizing your Bathroom

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Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent decades, with the remodeling sector one of the multitudes of industries that have benefited from this progress. Some great ways to enhance the tech in your bathroom include:

Motion Sensor Plumbing

One of the major setbacks of most washing setups is the need for contact. Integrating motion sensor plumbing in your shower head and plumbing automatically gets rid of this problem. These devices are easy to install and allow you to turn on the water flow in the shower or sink with the wave of a hand.

Automated Lighting

A great way to influence the mood and ambiance of a room is by initiating a lighting sequence. Yellow tones can be a great setting for helping individuals who are waking up at dawn and need a cozy welcome to the day. Blue light is great for later hours from 9 – 10 am as studies have shown this hue tends to encourage productivity. Reddish hues, on the other hand, can encourage relaxation in the evenings.

Floor Heating Systems

A recent upgrade that has been gaining notoriety in the Bathroom Remodel industry is heated flooring. This feature is a great means of instilling a luxurious experience as you step from a hot shower to a warm and welcoming surface, no matter the season. It’s crucial to hire established contractors to conduct this installation, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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