Making your Home Senior Citizen-Friendly

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Growing old is inevitable as long and part of life’s primary stages. Many people have their parents move in with them during their latter stages of life, to ensure they can receive all the care they need. 

If you’re planning on having your parents live with you, there are several changes you should consider to ensure their safety. Some strategies you can take when implementing a senior-friendly Remodeling project include: 

Ramp Entrances 

Installing low-sloping ramps can greatly ease movement of your aging parents or relatives. Stairs are a young man’s game and the older one gets, the harder they are to navigate. Ramped entrances are a great way to avoid potential accidents when entering or exiting a house. 

Applying Non-slip Flooring Solutions 

It’s essential to consider the risk of slippery surfaces. Opting for non-slip wax for your floors, installing textured and glazed tiles, and removing throw rugs are some effective ways you can lessen the risk of a slippery fall. You can also add anti-slip strips in the bathtubs and showers. 

Improve Lighting 

Unfortunately, 20/20 vision is one of the aspects that dwindle with age. Installing lighting fixtures with a brighter and wider reach can help counter this problem, especially when operating after sundown. If you’re looking for affordable senior-friendly solutions for your home, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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